Storm Services Base Camp in the snow.

Dining tents with sleep trailers in the background.

Sleep Tents at base camp.

Base camp outside of a theme park.

An Assessor investigates downed poles after a storm.
  • Experienced teams from 3 locations
  • Company owned inventory of equipment and supplies
  • Rapid and reliable response time

In emergencies, Storm Services, LLC knows that responsiveness is critical. Our
majority female owned company has permanent storm center headquarters
located in three states. We maintain an around the clock state of preparation to
support transient groups wherever needed. Storm Services is committed to safety,
customer service, and customer satisfaction.

Our company owned equipment is custom made at our facility in Alabama.
We have sleep trailers, shower trailers, and laundry units that sit ready to deploy.
Storm Services also has an inventory of generators, light towers, refrigerated trucks,
and support trailers, along with other support equipment. Our on site freezer has
the capability of holding 300 trailer loads of ice. This is a critical part of a successful
response to an emergency situation. We maintain a network of equipment and
teams that are strategically located across the United States, assuring a rapid and
reliable response time.

Storm Services also offers personnel fulfillment. On-site managers ensure that sites
operate as efficiently as possible. Our experienced managers address and resolve
any on-site issues that might arise. Reliable personnel, with a clear understanding
of duties and time restraints, are part of the Storm Services’ team.

Our company has provided turnkey logistical support for clients in the electric
utility industry that were involved in emergency restoration operations. We have
also worked for state and federal agencies, insurance companies, and the
private sector. We are able to adapt services and products to meet the varying
needs of our clients. This extends to site location, design, preparation, and

Storm Services’ experience in event services and logistical management enables
us to be prepared for an immediate response to any logistical challenge. Our
efficient and cost effective support will reduce the timeline of your emergency
relief effort or restoration operation.


In a proactive mood of environmental conciousness, Storm Services, LLC has
implemented procedures to GO GREEN. Environmentally safe and recycled
products are being used. Resuable containers are standard. Shower and laundry
trailers are equipped with energy efficient appliances. Water conservation and
linen reuse efforts are in place.


The Storm Services Charitable Fund was established in 2013 with the goal of
strengthening the communities where we work. The fund was created to assist
those in need during and after a crisis, as well as different non-profit organizations
throughout the year. The Storm Services Charitable Fund was announced during
the 2013 annual base camp exercise, where Storm Services made the first
contribution to the fund. This initial contribution was donated to the American
Red Cross to assist Hurricane Sandy victims. In 2014, a donation was made to the Mercy Care Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia, to support their Street Medicine Program.