Storm Services Base Camp. Friday, May 16th, 2014. Click for more information

When a natural disaster or regional emergency strikes, the logistical challenges can be overwhelming
for those involved in relief efforts and restoration operations. Often, large numbers of workers are
temporarily relocated, requiring provisional support such as housing, food, water, and sanitary facilities.
Storm Services can help with these challenges.

Storm Services is a majority female owned company. We specialize in the design, construction,
operation, and management of full base camp setups. Well-planned solutions are provided for single
or multiple locations.

At Storm Services, our comprehensive planning targets the specific needs of each client. Our plans
complement the client’s own strategy, enhancing their ability to respond quickly and efficiently. This
results in minimized downtime and maximum effectiveness. Since every operation is unique, our
logistical support services remain flexible and resourceful.

Members of NRECA - National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
Members of FESN - Florida Emergency Supplier Network